toink toink

how’s things going?

all’s cool here in ozland
can’t believe it’s been 2 years since we walked on Table Mountain,
and had sundowners on the beach…
yea – our anniversary just crept up on us with a big hooray

…bunny, bunny-er, bunny-est…
yip – we have a brand new edition to the family – Toink
such a little cuty and an attention-seeker extrodinaire!
the brand: smoked sable dwarf (gray with a light gray chest, like a bib)
so funny when he tries to immitate everything Haasie does
and then somehow it just goes all wobbly
first time the tried to jump up the step he went straight
into the wall and saw a few stars for a while
but he’s a quick learner and’s already housetrained!

had a photo exhibition a few weeks ago at the ‘homeless gallery’
very interesting concept – it travels around the world, hence no home
so artists come from all over and put up their work, (370 took part)
all bring friends, drinks, snacks and have a party
was amazing to see the huge variety of stuff

springtime’s here and the garden just went bezerk
everything’s big and greeen
our veggies are fatning and the flowers are singing
went to a lunar-eclipse-planting-party last weekend with
cool tunes, we were still plonking trees in the ground at 10 in the eve
cause the sky was so turquoise bright!

and, going to a film tomorrow night that we’re in!
don’t know if you can actually see us,
but we went to an outdoor party that they used for the shoot
so we’ll be hopping around somewhere?

so, keep well
love and bunny hugs from down under