hot stories

heatwave today, kids couldn’t play outside and I didn’t want to give in to a screen based activity… so the idea just appeared on the edge of my mind – got out audio stories and WOW it worked a treat! They sat in the kitchen listening carefully, drinking water and nibbling a fruit platter for about 3 hours!

It’s a selection of Afrikaans stories and every now and then words we don’t use pop up, which is great for me hearing it again and an excellent way for them to learn and absorb. Win win I say!


I am starting a gratitude journal, something I’ve thought of for a long time. Today I’m thankful for my funky spunky family  – my two gorgeous kiddos who fill me with joy and teach me every day. And my lover and best friend who keeps me grounded.

Thank you for these 3 amazing souls to share my life xxx