I hope 2004 kicked off with a big boomkabamba
and your year ahead’s packed with sweet and saucy delights
AND that it doesn’t just zoom by like last year!

yea, we’re back from an amaaazing trip up the east coast with by boetie
camping and tramping and swimming and braaiing and hiking and
rapid-dobbing and rainforesting and caving and everything but resting!

I start work tomorrow and feel soooo sorry for myself
as Roc still has a week of lazy loafing while I suffer reality
boetie (my brother) is still here, leaving for Cape Town in 2 sleeps  🙁
not looking forward to the big bye-bye
it’s so sad not to have your loved ones near…

we started off new year with an outdoor party squeezed in
between the beach and forest
was very cool, visuals and music out of this world!
then we headed off on our roadtrip, not having anything planned or booked
the suprise element and eeny-meeny-miney-mo on the map all turned out good
and we had excellent places to camp all the way
visited some aboriginal sites – Den of Nargum was great, with drawings,
caves and rock pools, the story of the Nargum sounds something like our
tokkolossie with the little creature snacking on children…

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